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Brand: RTI

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The RTI laser systems are specifically manufactured for the high end market and they are very-well known world wide for their quality and reliability. Many of the huge shows and installations world wide rely on show alser light systems of the RTI brand.

All RTI laser systems are manufactured in Valley, Germany. The main advantage of the RTI laser systems are their great accuracy, reliable and powerful electronics and extraordinary design and alignment of the laser diode array modules.

These are the products series of the RTI brand:

  • RTI PIKO Series - ultra-compact high power, high end laser systems for top end requirements.
  • RTI NANO Series - top-end high power laser systems for high professional applications. waterproof.
  • RTI ANGO series - Coherent Viper module based, top-end laser systems
  • RTI NEO Series - beam bar array, but with possibility to fully position each beam via scanners.
  • RTI VELOX - moving head laser system with infinite rotation option on pan & tilt, extreme torque and full ILDA control

Philosophy behind the RTI product range

The RTI brand has been well established since their foundation more than 30 years back. All products of the RTI brand range are designed for high-end applications and users: Customers of the RTI products are many of the top rental and production companies world wide, and many designers chose the systems for their installation projects.

RTI laser products

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