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About the Laserworld Group

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The Laserworld Group is a group of companies that gathered around the Laserworld (Switzerland) AG during the past years. All companies work closely together and they have certain duties within the group each. Some Group members focus on R&D, some on manufacturing and production. Others do the sales and marketing and logistics.
The challenges in the show laser light industry have changed over time, and it became extremely advantageous to have specialists in each field of business. Highly experienced technicians and development engineers can focus on their core business, if business administration, sales , marketing and logistics are handled through experts in that field, and the other way round. Thus it is possible to best focus all the experience and skills.

The The Laserworld Group established own sales offices in different countries, which are also members of the Group. These local sales offcies have the huge advantage of exactly knowing their respective markets and the products of the Laserworld Group alike.


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