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tarm® is a very well known brand in the show laser light industry for many years. With being in business for more than 30 years, the tarm® brand is known for high professional laser systems as well as laser shows. tarm® grew big in the era of gas laser systems: Very soon after the invention of laser technology, tarm® started using lasers for entertainment purposes.

With the famous tarm® Center in Bochum, Germany, tarm® has set a milestone in nightlife laser technology implementation in the 1980s. This nightclub was more than a nightclub, it also was a showroom for the latest developments in show laser light industry and thus attracted interested customers from all around the world.

During the past decades tarm® has evolved to a high end show laser light system manufacturing company, that mainly targets professional and high-end customers with their products. Since 2016, tarm® laser technologies tlt GmbH & Co. KG is a Laserworld Company and thus a member of the Laserworld Group. Since then, tarm was able to focus on product and technology development. Together with RTI, tarm® pushes the R&D of professional laser systems within the Laserworld Group.

tarm® manufactures professional and high-end laser show systems and also offers laser show services. One part of Laserworld's rental system pool is stocked at tarm®, so it is also possible to rent lasers directly at tarm®.

The headquartes of tarm® tlt are located in Herne, Germany, near Bochum and Dortmund.

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