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Ray Technologies GmbH (RTI)

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The Ray Technologies GmbH (RTI) is a Laserworld company and located in Valley near Munich, Germany. RTI is well-known for their high-end laser systems all around the world. Their core competencies are the development of electronics components, special enclosures and the manufacturing of high end laser systems. The high precision laser diode array modules manufactured by RTI are used by other members of the Laserworld Group in their projectors as well.

RTI is a certified Coherent Genesis Taipan OPSL integrator for many years. The ultra-compact driver for the OPSL cavities is very demanded and is extraordinary powerful. The small size of this driver as well as of the rest of RTI's electronics developments allow for small footprint devices even in very high laser power ranges of more than 100W output power.

The Laserworld Group's R&D for professional products is mainly done at RTI, which lead to world's first releases of new technologies like with the RTI VELOX or the RTI NEO Series.

Ray Technologies has professional production facilities with own CNC milling machine, electronics components assembly stations, workspaces for fine tuning of optical components and automated assembly machinery. A pool of selected suppliers ensure high end quality of the components and parts used in RTI-built laser systems and components.

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