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The Laserworld (Switzerland) AG is a Swiss company specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of show laser light systems world wide. The full range product portfolio, ranging from very small and low-priced laser systems up to highest end lasers, makes Laserworld special and unique in the whole industry.

Several brands and companies belong to Laserworld (Switzerland) AG, forming the Laserworld Group together with further amended companies. The group members have different core competencies, so each member fulfils certain duties within the group. The Laserworld (Switzerland) AG as central company mainly focuses the international sales, the marketing for the group and the general administration and communication. Other Laserworld companies take care of production, development, logistics and after sales.

Laserworld handles their product sales differently in different countries. Own sales offices, like in the UK, India, USA, China, japan, Spain and Korea, make sure that certain markets can be served to the best extent possible. Own staff can consult customers very well, especially also if it comes to high professional and thus very special products. Besides that there is a huge network of distribution partners and dealers in nearly every country in the world. This network allows for quick customer service, support and product availability nearly everywhere.

It is possible to buy lasers, but also to rent lasers from Laserworld. If a laser show is required, it can be requested through the website. Laserworld has a huge network of reliable partners that can help with implementing laser shows and multimedia shows of any scale. Manuals, drivers and software can be obtained through the download section on the Laserworld website - all available manuals from the Group are provided through this page.

The central marketing department in Switzerland takes care of all marketing activities of the Group - for their members as well as for the local representations. This leads to websites in more than 10 different languages and customer address through more than 40 websites.

The strategic logistics department coordinates the complex logistics processes, including customs handling and partner management from the Swiss headquarters, so the Group members can take advantage of optimized logistics processes and rates.

Laserworld sells over 4.000 laser systems per month and holds stock of more than 10.000 lasers, which allows for short term shipments of orders. The main stock is kept in Valley near Munich, Germany, to be able to serve the European and global markets at low shipping costs. Besides that, European commercial customers can take advantage of intra community supply and thus do not need to pay VAT (except German customers).

A huge stock of rental laser systems is available as well. Lasers can be rented from different rental points world wide, so US customers can directly rent through Laserworld USA in Orlando, FL, European customers ex stock Munich and Asian customers ex stock Laserworld Asia. This global availability of high professional rental laser systems in larger quantities is a huge advantage for professional production companies - and many of them already take that advantage.

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